How to improve employee engagement?

At ZenSurvey, our mission is to help companies build a happier workplace. As a starting point, our tool helps companies measure employee engagement and collect honest feedback. In essence, we provide companies with the necessary insights and analytics to identify issues within the organization, but clearly, positive change can only come when actions are taken.

This begs an important question: as managers, what can we do to increase employee engagement?

We have read numerous research reports, articles, and books on this topic, and summarize for you the most critical actions to improve engagement in your workplace.

Firstly, let’s break it down. We believe that there are 5 main areas you need to focus on when thinking about employee engagement:

1. RECOGNITION & APPRECIATION: Is the employee’s work being recognized? does the employee feel valued?
2. FEEDBACK & COMMUNICATIONS: Does management provide frequent feedback on the employee’s work? how hard is it for employees to communicate with managers?
3. PERSONAL GROWTH: is the employee making progress? Is the progress measurable? are there clear goals & KPIs in place?
4. SUPPORT: does the company provide proper training and tools so employees can get their job done? do managers provide employees with encouragement? are employees given enough autonomy? is the work environment comfortable?
5. PURPOSE: does the employee’s role matter? is the company mission clear? does the employee care about the company mission?

Given these 5 areas, here are things you can do to improve each area:


  • Foster a culture of gratitude, where saying thanks is the norm.
  • Create programs where employees can get to know each other outside of work.
  • Make it easier for people to make friends at work.
  • Allow employees to voice their opinions freely and safely (ZenSurvey’s free tool is perfect for this)


  • Encourage frequent 1-on-1 check-ins between managers and employees. Managers should initiate these quick check-ins.
  • Encourage employees to ask for feedback when they feel they need it.
  • Have performance reviews done monthly instead of annually.


  • Design a clear career development path for employees to strive towards.
  • Promotion and salary raise processes should be clear to all employees.
  • Set clear goals & KPIs at every level: company, team, employee.
  • Provide opportunities for employees to learn new skills through training programs.


  • Provide a comfortable work environment.
  • Reward employees with free perks such as healthy snacks, free lunch, allowance for team activities, etc.
  • Give employees autonomy at work. Discourage micro-management practices.
  • Allow employees to work from home or remotely for 1 or 2 days a week.
  • Provide employees with tools needed to do their job. Have a process in place for employees to request additional tools.
  • Design a thorough and helpful on-boarding process.


    • Have monthly or quarterly town halls to keep employees updated on company progress.
    • Make it clear to all employees the company mission.
    • Organize company-wide charity events to foster social-awareness and bring the team together.
    • Explain to employees the importance of their roles in driving the company’s success.

What employee engagement initiatives or ideas have worked in your organization? We’d love to hear them and keep this article updated! Send us your ideas to!