About Us

Hi there! We are ZenSurvey! Our mission is to help create happier workplaces.

We’re trying to solve one of the biggest problems plaguing workplaces worldwide: low employee engagement. According to Gallup’s report, only 15% of employees worldwide are engaged at work, causing billions of dollars in productivity loss. More importantly, employees are simply not happy at work, where they spend the majority of their life.

Creating a happy & productive workplace is a huge challenge. And while a lot of the work must be done offline, technology can lend a hand. ZenSurvey helps companies with the first step: measurement. Specifically, we help companies measure employee engagement and collect feedback using a simple & elegant pulse survey platform. This is only the beginning as we’re working on other products to address different issues related to employee engagement.

We hope that you’ll find our product helpful and a delight to use! To get in touch, please email us at help@zensurvey.com

ZenSurvey Team