How many of your employees are leaving?

If you can't answer that question—that's ok—we're here to help!
ZenSurvey helps companies measure employee engagement and collect honest feedback to reduce turnover and build a happier workplace.


How it works

  1. Pulse Survey

    Every week, we send your employees a single-question survey via email. Answering a survey takes just 1 click!

  2. Feedback

    Employees can also submit anonymous feedback to help you uncover actionable insights.

  3. Dashboard

    All survey responses and feedback are presented in a sharable report.

Why ZenSurvey?


Insights to boost engagement

ZenSurvey gets you real-time employee data so you can quickly identify issues and take actions to improve your company's engagement and productivity. Engaged employees are happier, and deliver superior results for your company.


Fight employee turnover

Employee turnover is extremely costly. ZenSurvey allows you to listen your employees' need and support them better to prevent unexpected departures from your star employees. Research-backed questions bring you to the core issues more quickly.


Honest feedback

All comments are 100% anonymous so employees feel most comfortable sharing their honest thoughts. As a result, management gets a candid look on how their employees are doing, while employees gets an outlet to voice their opinions.



Fully automated system


Saves time

Answer a survey in 1 click


Cross-platform support

Works on all devices


100% Secure

Your data is fully secured

Simple & Fair Pricing

We offer our customers 1 single-tier pricing, so that all feature updates will be rolled out to all customers. Schedule a demo with us today to learn more!


Per Employee, Per Month.

  • Weekly pulse surveys
  • Collect honest feedback
  • Result dashboard
  • Unlimited team members
  • Report sharing
  • Custom survey questions
  • Reporting per team
  • Industry benchmarks
  • Appreciation module
  • 1:1 private reply
  • Admin roles
  • Dedicated priority support

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my team need to create accounts?

No. Employees can answer surveys and submit feedback without creating an account.

Are responses really anonymous?

Absolutely! We take great efforts in making sure survey responses cannot be traced to a particular user.

Do you offer an annual plan?

Yes. We offer an annual plan with a 10% discount. Please contact our sales team for more information:

What are the survey questions?

There are 48 research-backed questions by default. These questions will be recycled in the subsequent years. View the full list of questions here.

Is there a minimum contract size?

No. We'd love to provide our service to companies of all sizes.